Friday, May 11, 2007


When you are tired, you twists your hair with your right hand. When it's time for bed, you sit on my lap and we read stories before I lay you down. Sometimes, if it's not braided, a little of my hair gets caught in your twirling fingers. You don't seem to notice the difference in length or texture, you just keeps bending the tresses around and around.

In those moments, we are joined again. This time, it is follicles instead of veins and arteries, but the connection has been intensified by the moments we spend together.

With every smile, every touch, our bond grows in a way that can never been weakened.

A part of you has been with me ever since I was born, and likewise within you will always be a piece of me.

We come from each other. There is no other place that matters anymore.


This post was brought to you as part of the first ever Parent Bloggers Network blog blast and Light Iris.

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melody said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Happy Mother's Day

angi said...

I love this, what a sweet story :)

Amy Jo said...

Thanks...I love when he does that!