Friday, July 06, 2007

When It Rains...

On Wednesday, SOB had the day off. We cooked up some dogs and he indulged in a few beverages of the adult variety. Honestly, he didn't have more than a drink or two. But right after he finished that last swallow, something happened. Something horrible, no matter what the circumstance.

SOB dropped the computer.

Because he really wasn't drinking a lot, I didn't even think about booze being a factor in the drop until he mentioned it yesterday. As in yesterday when I was merrily reading blogs during Sam's nap and I noticed one white pixel just off to the center of my screen. Then a few minutes later all of the pixels touching the white pixel turned white. Soon it was a full on cascade and I could do nothing to stop it. I shut the system down and bolted upstairs in hopes that when it restarted, I could plug it into to our external drive and back up at least some pictures and videos. (Side note: I do this on a monthly basis, anyway, but it was due. There is/was about a month's worth of stuff on there that hadn't been backed up.)

Well, the bitch started up just fine, but wouldn't copy any of the files over. SOB got home just around this time and spent two hours trying to get the fucking files to copy to anything with no success.

This morning, everything started up fine and seems to be in proper working order, but we still can't copy any files. SOB makes fun of me for uploading every mother effing picture I take to Kodak Gallery, even pictures of vitamins and pork, but at least I have the option of paying them a lot of money to send me my files.

The real ball busting thing of this whole situation (besides the fact that we have the worst luck with laptops) is that we have zero money right now. You might recall that last week we bought a house. Well, every last cent we had went to house associated people. We (I) decided when the Dell imploded that my next laptop was going to be a Mac. You know, the ones that are really reliable and also really expensive. So it had to be just my luck that SOB's laptop would implode at a time when we have absolutely no cash flow to purchase a shiny new iBook.

Oh and he broke his cell phone, too, in an unrelated dropping event.



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theotherbear said...

That is a bad scene... what happens when you try to copy files from it?
You have also scared me enough to start plannning some backing up here!

Fidget said...


just ARGHHHHH! I feel your pain.

Amy Jo said...

Whenever we try to copy over the files, it just crashes. Sometimes it will let us get about 20% through first, which was really mean.

Luckily, we have some Best Buy "money" so we're going to get a new computer today.

Also, SOB has some handy dandy little device for retrieving stuff from the hard drive that we used when my dell imploded, so hopefully we should be able to recover everything. We're just waiting until we get the new computer because the doo-dad is kind of a last ditch effort kind of thing.

This is why I'm switching to Mac.

Lara said...

Ack! You've also inspired me to back up all my photos too. I can't believe I haven't been doing it as often as I should!

susan said...

Eek. Internet withdrawls are a bitch, too. Hopefully you won't be too long without your wireless fix!

Arizaphale said...

Errr... I really AM going to stop reading ANY MINUTE now!!! But I had to tell you that I ran over my husband's Mac laptop with a Jeep and it still works. It IS slightly dented however. They don't make titanium the way they used to.