Monday, December 22, 2008

I Am Mad

I lost my cell phone. In the worst place in the universe, Wal-Mart. And since I'm not even one year into a two year contract the cheapest phone available to me is three hundred dollars. The phone I would choose is four hundred and ninety four dollars. It is actually going to be cheaper for me to cancel my contract and get a new phone with a new carrier. But I can't do so until we get home, so I am phone-less.

Don't call me!

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susan said...

Oh, that sucks on so many levels. I'm so sorry.

PS My wvw this time is "whaillin"... appropriate again, no?

girlymama said...

try ebay!

my sister lost her phone and got a new one on ebay for only $100.

Lora said...

Dave just lost his phone a few hours ago, and I went to the Sprint Store where I was told he is basically screwed. He wanted a Blackberry, and it would have cost about $600. Eff that!

Luckily this is South Philly, and a guy bought one for his cousin and his cousin didn't pick it up so I got a Blackberry Curve for $175.

Cash, of course.

Lora said...

I feel it is important to clarify, the store manager bought it for his cousin. NOt just some guy. It was new in the box and came from the back of the store.

Arizaphale said...

I suppose you have tried phoning your own number? Someone we know did this and negotiated with the thief to at least leave the sim card in a mutually acceptable location.
Bummer babe.
Maybe Santa will bring you a new
Oh well.