Thursday, June 18, 2009

Theme Thursday: Lazy Days

All week, while Sam has been at camp, Lucy and I have been having a time of it. The schedule is kept clear, and we just do exactly what Lulu wants, which couldn't please her more! The funny thing is, most of what she wants to do is whatever Sam has been wanting to do, so we've played a lot of basket ball. But when he's not here I can lower the hoop so she can actually make a basket. We've also been going on walks. Holding hands and walking down our block is one of her favorite activities. 


After a few rounds of one-on-one and a walk we go to pick up Sammy. When we get home everybody crashes. Well, not me. I just lurk around with my camera! The weather has been cool and moist and gloomy this week. It feels a lot more like March than June. The intermittent rain and lack of warm sun keeps the lawn pretty wet, which makes it tough to mow. It also makes it the perfect habitat for smurfs. 


Finally, after spending too much time on the wet and fungus filled lawn, I head inside. The other day I decided to take my camera upstairs with me. There was a photo from last week's BSM that inspired me to try and snap some shots of sleeping babes. (Here it is!) Since Sam's room has blackout curtains, Lucy got to be my guinea pig!


As you can see, she likes her privacy while snoozing. She usually has that blanket up over her face, but I was able to pull it down for a few quick shots. Not the best technically, but I love it all the same! I'll have to give it another shot the next time we have some nicer, brighter weather.

Were you lazy this week? 


In other lazy news, I totally missed my blog's birthday! It should be easier to remember considering it falls on the same days as my friend Carrie's birthday, but I always seem to forget. I can't believe it's been four years. The baby that was growing in my belly is now sitting next to me eating cocoa krispies. How did that happen? Anyway, happy birthday to Cheese!

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Christina said...

Happy Birthday Cheese! Great shots!

Cara said...

I love sleeping baby shots, I have the same issue with the dark rooms. I love the smurf houses!

Heather said...

Jealous that she holds hands! How fun to have the time with just you two! LOVE that sleeping shot--especially the bit of the crocheted blanket.

I shared a shot of our lazy mornings this week.

Hope this rain stops---we have a zillion mushrooms around here too!

Abe said...

Happy Birthday Cheese!!

carrie said...

Ahhh...the sleeping baby shot was just too precious.

We have NOT been lazy this week - this is the first minute I've been able to get to the Theme Thursdays...super busy. I'm goig to get to chime in again one of these weeks!

Have a great weekend!

Arizaphale said...

Ugh! Oh to be as lazy as you guys :-D I have been flat out with reports and exams this week and it's not letting up for another fortnight (although reports should be done by 9am Monday eeeeek) no lazy shots for me this week. Those are great though. How wet did you get shooting the Smurfs? And Lucy is growing into such a beauty isn't she?