Thursday, June 24, 2010

S is for Spaghetti

alphabet diptychs

I didn't think I'd get this one together this week because my hard drive, where my spaghetti photo was located, was somewhere in a box. Luckily, I found said box and was able to extract the pasta shot! Chrissie's awesome S is from Spain, which is like a bonus!

For more Team Up Thursday visit Megan, Melody and Flickr.

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hipMomma said...

OH, still so awesome. You two are fantastic. Great job again!

Daniel said...

Not that any other week was bad but this one was AWESOME. I love the S and the picture of sam. Save some good shots for when I come home and we do some dusty dan stuff please. 143

Megan said...

you are a rockstar -- in the middle of unpacking and you still manage your diptych -- hats off to you, girl:). hope all is still going smoothly with your transition.

Killlashandra said...

Ah spaghetti is an excellent "s", I wish my son would eat it with sauce though. ;) Love that iron "s" too. Nice combo.

Arizaphale said...