Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm Finished!

I have reached that lovely, magical point in pregnancy where I am 100% over it. Every twinge or pang is contemplated far longer than necessary because OMG can I please just go into labor already? I am irrationally (but also sometimes rationally) angry at most everyone and everything. My husband's work schedule? Makes me angry. My kids' school schedule? Angry. OB appointments every week? ANGRY! Snow? *Eyes crossing with rage*

My kitchen has been ripped apart for 10 days, so we've been eating a lot of junk. We're getting new carpeting in our room and upstairs, which means that all closets and dressers have to be emptied out by Monday morning when they arrive to rip out the old carpet. And did I mention that the new counters are getting installed at the same time? Right in time for SOB to make an ill-timed trip to Cleavland, hip hip hooray.

So again, I'm just trying to focus on the little pleasant things that occasionally pop up. For example, Lucy's idea to take duck sauce packets to school for show and tell. They're learning about the food pyramid/triangle thing, and since I mentioned earlier about all of the the crappy food we've been eating, we have duck sauce in abundance. Or my son, shooting me the most serious of looks from across the breakfast table as he informed me, "The truth is, I am Iron Man." (Guess what movie Sam watched with SOB this week?) Or Maggie as Harrison Ford.

Anything that can make me smile these days is to be cherished.

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