Thursday, June 23, 2011

It Was Bound to Happen Eventually

I am a lucky woman. Even though I have four children, none of them have ever expressed any real affinity towards a particular security item, be it blankie, or lovey, or stuffed animal. Sam has a large number of stuffed animals that he rotates through his bed: a cat in the hat, a curious george, a duck that I won in a crane game (seriously, I'm awesome at those things), a pillow pet, etc. Lucy has a lamb blanket/toy thing that my friend Susan (who is moving! Buy her stuff!) bought for her when she was born, a little red beanie teddy bear that SOB bought for her in a airport, and a pillow pet (yeah, I'm that mom) in her bed, but if any one of them disappeared, she wouldn't care. And until recently, Maggie never slept with anything in her crib.

And then? She discovered BABY DOLLS!

Now, we've always had a bunch of dolls and doll paraphernalia around because of Lucy. But Miss Lu would rather build puzzles or play with scarves than play with dollies. Last year my parents bought her the whole set with a doll sized high chair, pack and play, and stroller, and it's been largely unused until last week, when Maggie claimed it as her own. She picked through the dozen or so dolls we had lying around, and selected her favorite. Then she proceeded to carry, or stroll, that doll everywhere for the next four days. Because the concept of naming is still beyond her years, she just calls her BeeBee. And she has to have BeeBee in her crib, high chair, everywhere. Mama has to kiss BeeBee before bedtime. BeeBee has to play in the gymni with Freddie during the day. You get the point.

Until last night, when BeeBee went missing. And lo, there was screaming. I tried substituting just about every other doll we had upstairs, but she would just throw them out of the crib. I then enlisted the help of Sam and Lucy in looking for BeeBee, but we remained unsuccessful. Sam did find another doll in the downstairs toy box, and since she had stopped wailing, I snuck in, laid it in the crib with her and then bolted.


Victory, or so I though. Because today? She now wants BeeBee and BeeBee Two (or Blue, I can't tell) with her everywhere instead of just BeeBee. And the most beat up copy of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom in existence.

Crying because there is no room on her tray for FOOD!

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Princess T said...

Dolls really do have individual personalities. I can identify with being particular about doll choice.

Arizaphale said...

SO WHAT HAPPENED TO BEBEE??????? You can't just leave us hanging like that!!! I am feeling anxious for her. FIND BEEBEE!!!!!!!
On a more sane note, the BA was a doll fiend too. I maintain that children who like dolls are people persons.