Friday, September 07, 2012

Gypsy Life: Day 1

Earlier today we closed on our house in Morgantown. That means that we are no longer residents of West Virginia. But since we don't close on our house here in Pittsburgh, we aren't really residents of anywhere right now. Which is kind of cool.

We are currently renting a furnished two bedroom apartment about two miles from where our new house is located. Two bedrooms is a little tight for a family of six, but it has two ample closets, so Fred gets one of his own and the big kids are rotating through the other. At the advice of a dear friend, we told the kids it was like indoor camping, and they love it. 

Apartment living has it's drawbacks, however. It's been a long while since we lived somewhere without guaranteed parking and an elevator. Way back when we were in ATL, I only had to manage Sam and an in utero Lucy when I arrived home with my groceries. And we had an assigned, primo parking spot. Yesterday after school I had to take all four kids grocery shopping and then schlep them and all of the groceries up to the third floor. There is an elevator, but with all of the over-zealous button pushing going on around here, it's only a matter of time before someone ends up riding to the third floor sans parent. 

And then there are the food smells. Sam is old enough to notice now, and our closet neighbors are Indian. Which means there have already been a few loud, not exactly polite comments about how the corridor smells. We have to teach this kid some manners. And how to enjoy some good tikka masala! 

On the plus side, it's about a four minute drive to school. Compared to a ninety-four minute drive from Morgantown.  I put almost two thousand miles on my van in two weeks.  

I'll take that, in all of it's two bedroom, curry scented glory, any day over that drive.

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KatyKF said...

Lemme know when you are ready for a micro house warming. (Code for "I'll bring wine and we can watch TV.)

Arizaphale said...

Sorry, I am visualising the kids rotating through the closets. "You're in the closet tonight SAM!!!"....hahahahahahaha