Tuesday, July 09, 2013

You Can Get Anything You Want Down At Lucy's Restaurant

My darling little Lucy, for all of her challenges, has a keen sense of commerce and a real entrepreneurial spirit. She's always begging to have a lemonade stand or bake sale, and is even savvy enough to know that she should have her sale on Sundays when the two churches across the street are filled with customers. Recently I made a big batch of strawberry jam, and took some to my aunt and grandmother's house. I usually let the kids hand deliver goodies when we take someone a little gift, and Lucy readily volunteered to distribute the jam. Later on I found out that she charged them each $1 per jar. While her cunning business sense is to be admired, she is only 5 and so she didn't realize that since I spent $20 on the ingredients to make the jam, and only made 14 jars of it, $1 per jar wouldn't net us a profit. Hopefully she'll learn about that in first grade. 

Knowing this about my Lulu, I wasn't at all surprised to learn that she's decided to open a restaurant. In our house, naturally.

This morning we went to the new supermarket down the road, and they were handing out roses. As soon as we got home she convinced the other kids to donate theirs so that she could have a nice centerpiece at the best table at her restaurant. 

All real restaurants have real flowers on the table. Just like Chick-Fil-A! And all real restaurants have menus, including Lucy's Restaurant. 

Butter Bread. (Why this item gets punctuation I do not know!)
Cheese Sandwich
Mac n' Cheese
Milk, OJ or Green Juice
And Pancakes

Pretty much the best menu ever. She made multiple copies as well, so that each person at the table could have their own. This afternoon for lunch we had quesadillas instead of cheese sandwiches, so she had to change the name to Lucy's Mexican Restaurant, but the signage stayed the same. When we had strawberries for dessert she switched it back. For dinner tonight we are having mac n' cheese. I guess tomorrow we will have butter bread and pancakes. 

Make your reservations soon, as we are filling up quickly! 

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