Tuesday, August 05, 2008


On Saturday night SOB and I went on a date. We saw a movie that didn't center around a comic book character. (By the way, we saw the end of The Dark Knight on Thursday night. More on that later!) We dined al fresco at one of our favorite little bistros. It was a lovely evening.

And guess what I wore? A regular bra. No hooks or snaps on the cups for easy access, much to SOB's dismay. I'm still nursing her, but until now I've forgotten that I can wear a regular bra. You know, on a Saturday night when there is almost zero chance I'll be nursing. I even forgot I had regular bras. As soon as Sam was born my boobs increased in size, oh, about 400%, and they've never really gone back. I was unaware that I had non-nursing bras that fit my newly giant teats. I must have purchased them in a haze of hormones. 

That was fun.

As I mentioned above, we went to see the last 40 minutes of The Dark Knight on Thursday night. Well, we went to see the whole movie, but you know what I mean. Since we had already watched the beginning and we were hungry, we decided to forgo the first few minutes of the movie and grab a bite to eat. Now until sometime in the late winter of 2007 I hated hot wings and any item sauced thusly. But then I got pregnant with Lucy and hot wing and wing sauce became all the rage. Cut to now and I still can't get enough of it. So we (I) decided that we should go eat at Hooters. 


Ask me why...because all I wanted was something deep fried smothered in wing sauce, and as far as I've been told Hooters is the place for such fare. Plus is was across the street, so to Hooters we went.




Honestly, I can not fathom why this gaggle of 19 year old wouldn't just go and be strippers. I'm certain they would make more money, and they wouldn't have to use their brains. The poor girl waiting on us messed up our order so many freaking times that we decided to not even mention that she charged us for a drink we never ordered. It just wasn't worth the trouble.

And the wings? Not that great. Mark that as a lesson learned.

Finally, we had a first with a friend. Her little baby girl took her first swing ride. Super cuteness to follow. You have been warned!

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Arizaphale said...

That swing shot is delicious. Unlike the Hooter's wings by the sounds of it. I think your waitress was a graduate of my Y10maths class.......
Whadidyathink of The Dark Knight?

Lora said...

my passion in life is Buffalo Chicken Fingers (no gross bones or skin) and Hooters is by far the WORST I've had ever. Manny Brown's on South St are hands down the best. And now that there is a smoking ban you can bring your baby to the bar. Anytime you are around and want to experience deliciousness like no other I'll meet you there!

super des said...

As I've never been in a Hooters (due to the lack of meat eating and / or desire to see bimbos) I had to ask an authority, my boyfriend. He loves the wings, and he says there must be a line that the girls don't want to cross. A line made of a tiny t-shirt vs. nothing. But you're right - they would make more money.

heather of the EO said...

I love me some wings too.
But not so much the Hooters hotties.
Um also, I'm new here and LOVE it that you have a label for posts entitled "boobs."
I too am a fan of the non-nursing bra moments, realizing I really don't have to wear one...
at all....
since the old, nice and big ones are now shrunk to the size of...