Wednesday, April 01, 2009


What a milestone! 

1,111 posts in, and all I want to whine and complain about the dead car in my driveway. I wanted to write something fun and uplifting, but, DEAD CAR! Did I mention that said dead car is only two days old? Yeah. Someone from the dealership is on their way over right now to kiss my ass and hopefully, fix my car. Bastards. I guess it's a good thing that this happened today when I have no where to be, rather than tomorrow when I have to take the kids to school and the cat to the vet. 

But even though I don't have to be anywhere, I'd like to go to Wednesday Spaghetti tonight with Sammy. Even if it means I have to attempt to parallel park a Town & Country in south Philly. 

(BTW, I think it's called a Town & Country because the size of the vehicle can be estimated to be somewhere between the size of a town and the size of a country. A small country, like Luxembourg or Swaziland, but still.)

ANYWAY, I'll be done bitching the new car now because it's actually a few hours later and they did come and temporarily fix my car, so on to other, more exciting things!

Yesterday my little tiny prodigy of a daughter potty trained her self. I'm not sure it's totally for real, but she's done it more than once, so it's at least something she's willing to repeat! She even did it again today. I bought her some little underpants today at Target, which I plan to bust out after nap time, and I'm sure I'll end up doing some wash, but wouldn't it be the most awesome thing ever if she just decided that she's going to up and start using the potty? She's my favorite girl ever!

To celebrate both the amazing peeing child and my 1,111th post, I'm giving away some crap! Well, it's not really crap because that wouldn't be much fun, would it? Also, I think sending crap in the mail is technically illegal, so how 'bout I just give away some stuff I have that is cool but not getting used and we'll call it crap? 

First! A purse! If you remember from January, I have lots of purses. So even though this one is very cool, it won't see much use on my shoulder. Plus I think that there is a mandate somewhere that all moms must carry purses the size of hockey bags, and this one is just a nice, intermediate size. It's the ultimate cool gift for an eco-chic kind of girl because it is made from recycled grocery bags!

See? It looks like it's straw or something, but it's actually plastic bags! The inside has a nice pink and brown paisley lining with three pockets to hold all of your junk, and it has a nice brown button closure on the front. 

And because I realize that sometimes I have to throw the fellas a bone, how about this green Ralph Lauren polo shirt, size XL? SOB got two from his mother at either Christmas or his birthday, and for some reason one fit and the other didn't. This one was a bit small on him, so it would probably fit someone who would normally fit in size L. 

It's actually a bright green color, but it's dreary and overcast here so my photos suck. Sorry! Both items still have tags on them, by the way. 

To enter leave a comment here between now and 12 noon on Friday 4/3 with a valid email address. If you want to tell me about your favorite post from the past 1,110 posts, that would be nice. Or you can just tell me how smart and funny and beautiful I am. It won't get you any bonus points, but it will give me an inflated ego! A winner will be chosen at random, and the person who makes my head the most inflated might just end up with a little bonus prize, if I'm in the right mood!

Game on!

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Lora said...

I'll let someone else win, but I wanted to tell you that you are smart and beautiful and funny

susan said...

What Lora said. Oh, and my absolute favorite all time post that got me addicted to reading you before we ever actually met in person was this one.

super des said...

That is a cute purse. My favorite posts are the ones that feature the cutest babies ever, which is, I think, most posts. :)

And damn, you have me beat by 7 posts. Seven!

Arizaphale said...

I was intrigued when you posted the naked Best Shot Monday but you really won me over with a post about men and their bad language including an extremely colourful comment which REALLY cracked me up.(I'll see if I can find it)

You are smart, funny and beautiful.

Can I have the bag please?

Arizaphale said...

I found the post and I was wrong. It wasn't about men. Much. Also, I realised I had already been reading for awhile before I read it...but anyhoo...I like it just the same :-)


Anonymous said...